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Surprise: Your Life Insurance Rates are Going Up.

Several insurers have notified tens of thousands of people who own a type of coverage known as…

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Retirees Stung by “Universal Life” Cost

But he didn’t anticipate the policies’ annual costs would rise as much as they did, jumping to…

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The Case Against Permanent Life Insurance

Nearly everyone needs life insurance, but it’s easy to end up with a bad policy.

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The Hottest Thing in Life Insurance. Are Buyers Aware of the Risks?

The danger: If the market foes down or flattens, some buyers may be left with an unaffordable…

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Universal Life has Backfired

“I’m very scared that everything will go down the drain”, said Bernice Sack, a 94-year-old…

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The $108 Billion Man Who Beat the Market

Will Danoff, manager of Fidelity Investments, the biggest actively managed stock or bond mutual fund run by…

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Term vs. Cash Value Insurance

You can save hours of time and thousands of dollars…

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Universal Life as a Retirement Plan?

Universal life insurance is a very costly way to invest. There’s the cost of the insurance protection…

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Whole Life or Term Insurance?

The right type of life insurance can be summed up in a single word: Term.

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Insurance 101

The biggest hit your account takes in the early years you’re building it is the commission that…